Our Story

The Origin of Strike Healthcare: Transforming Medical Support and Innovation

In 2023, we proudly unveil the next chapter of our journey – Strike Healthcare. But, let’s rewind a bit.

Once known as Nexa Healthcare, we embarked on a mission more than four decades ago to revolutionize communication support for businesses and medical providers alike. Our story begins with a commitment to exceptional answering, booking and triage services, delivering reliable solutions to practices across diverse industries.

As digital medical marketing and patient acquisition experts, we’ve always been attuned to the evolving needs of our clients. Our journey led us to a pivotal realization – medical providers were not only seeking seamless communication solutions but also a strategic way to expand their reach. And so, in 2023, we took our expertise to the next level to blend innovative tech with compassionate patient care.

We pondered a simple question: “How can we make those phones ring for medical practices?” The answer was transformational. We gradually integrated marketing expertise into our repertoire, empowering medical providers to not only connect with patients but to thrive in a digital age where visibility and engagement are paramount.

Our evolution from Nexa Healthcare to Strike Healthcare reflects our dedication to this purpose. Today, we stand as a pillar of support exclusively for medical providers, including dentists, orthopedics, and home healthcare agencies. Our suite of services now includes website development, SEO and digital solutions, all meticulously designed to complement our 24/7 booking, answering, and triage support services.

Our journey embodies a shared commitment. We envisioned a world where medical providers could focus on delivering exceptional care while we facilitated their growth through innovative communication and marketing strategies. We are Strike Healthcare – a transformation driven by the spirit of collaboration, expertise and a resolute focus on the unique needs of medical practices.

Join us as we usher in a new era of healthcare support, where expertise meets innovation and where your success is our mission.

We’re not just another tech solution; we’re your partners in discovering that perfect harmony between cutting-edge innovation and the warmth of human interaction.


The Strike Healthcare Team

Strike A Better Balance.

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