Dental Booking, Intake and Website Solutions

Smile With Strike's Dental Support Services

At Strike Healthcare, we offer comprehensive dental marketing and booking solutions tailored to help dental practices expand their visibility, attract more patients, and operate more efficiently.

Detailed Reporting

Analytics such as call times, hold times & lead source tracking

Inbound & Outbound Sales

Proven sales strategies to improve conversion rates

Intake Services

Quick onboarding of cosmetic surgery patients

Triage Support

Around-the-clock support during emergencies

Virtual Assistants

Bilingual, live receptionist support

24/7 Appointment Setting

Confirmed appointments & reminders

Elevate Your Dental Practice with Strike Healthcare

At Strike Healthcare, we recognize the distinct requirements of dental professionals, and that’s why we provide tailored services aimed at optimizing your practice. Our advanced booking solutions are designed to simplify appointment scheduling, guaranteeing a smooth process for both dentists and patients alike. Moreover, our skilled marketing team employs strategic tactics to bolster your online visibility and draw in fresh clientele. Trust Strike Healthcare to manage the operational aspects, allowing you to concentrate on delivering outstanding patient care.

Content Creation

Unique and industry-specialized content

GMB Profile Management

Creation and maintenance of Google-My-Business profile

Paid Ads

Marketing expertise to maximize return on ad spend


Digital marketing and SEO tools

Social Media Management

Management of accounts to increase brand awareness

Web Design

Customized websites with unique content and designs

Strike A Better Balance.

Discover how we can help you increase revenue and streamline intake with dental booking and marketing solutions.

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