Outbound Medical Sales

Grow Your Healthcare Practice With Strike Outbound Calling

At Strike Healthcare, our dedicated outbound calling services help healthcare organizations like yours boost lead generation, increase appointments and drive revenue growth. Our trained sales experts conduct customized calling campaigns aligned with your brand and business goals. We customize messaging, offers and outreach strategies based on your unique needs and target audience.

Services We Offer

Grow Revenue And Capture More Leads

Proactive Lead Generation and Nurturing

Our outbound calling specialists focus on identifying, qualifying and nurturing promising new leads to convert them into patients and revenue. We follow proven lead nurturing sequences tailored to your sales process to build relationships with prospects over time. Our systematic nurturing helps move prospects smoothly through your sales funnel.

Stay Booked Year-Round

Appointment Setting and Confirmations

One of our specialties is accelerating sales by promptly scheduling consultations and appointments with qualified leads. We also conduct appointment reminder calls to reduce no-shows and keep your schedule full. Our confirmations and reminders help ensure booked appointments translate into actual visits.

Maximize Existing Opportunities

Cross-sell and Upsell Existing Patients

In addition to new lead generation, our calling campaigns work to upsell suitable ancillary services and procedures to established patients. We also look for cross-sell opportunities to expand care with family members. Our upsell and cross-sell outreach boosts revenue from your existing patient base.

Process Information Instantly

CRM Integration for Seamless Coordination

Our outbound calling solution integrates directly with your patient management systems and CRM platform. This enables seamless lead hand-off and coordination between our team and yours. Our integration capabilities keep your systems and processes aligned.

Make Strategic Decisions

Performance Reporting and Data Analytics

We provide comprehensive reporting and analytics on outbound metrics like leads generated, outreach attempts, conversations, and bookings. This empowers you to optimize campaigns and allocate resources effectively. Our robust analytics deliver actionable insights to improve performance.

Partner With a Proven Healthcare Outbound Calling Service

To accelerate growth, partner with the outbound calling experts at Strike Healthcare. We deliver healthcare-focused calling campaigns proven to expand your patient base. Reach out today to learn more!