Dental Answering Services

Exceptional Dental Answering Services From Strike Healthcare

At Strike Healthcare, we provide specialized dental answering services to enhance office efficiency. Our trained receptionists act as a seamless extension of your front office staff.


What is a Dental Answering Service?

A dental answering service provides call coverage, message taking, appointment scheduling and other reception duties for dental offices. This allows dentists and staff to focus fully on delivering excellent patient care. Outsourcing dental calls to a specialized service enables even one-dentist practices to offer big-practice benefits. Receptionists answer calls 24/7 and seamlessly integrate into your workflows.

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Importance of Specialized Dental Answering

Dedicated dental answering services have extensive experience handling dental calls. The staff at Strike use customized scripts and are well-versed in dental terminology, common procedures, insurance details and more. Specialized dental call centers like Strike Healthcare cater to the unique needs of dental practices. We provide tailored solutions from appointment reminders to emergency call handling. Our sole focus is supporting dental offices efficiently.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Dental Office Calls

Partnering with Strike Healthcare brings dental offices a multitude of benefits. With round-the-clock availability, you'll never miss an important patient call, ensuring every query is addressed promptly. Our team is also well-versed in multiple languages, including Spanish and English, making communication seamless. Importantly, we prioritize adherence to HIPAA and patient privacy guidelines, guaranteeing the utmost security for your practice.

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Our Dental Answering Service In Detail

Strike Healthcare leverages over four decades of call center experience to meet dental offices' unique needs. Our team receives rigorous training on dental terminology, HIPAA regulations and delivering exceptional customer service. We provide live, bilingual call support 24/7/365 and can handle everything from new patient bookings to answering common patient questions before and after procedures. Our dedicated account managers take the time to understand each dental office's preferences. We customize our services to integrate seamlessly with existing dental office processes and software programs.

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Cost and Value of Our Dental Answering Services

Our pricing is tailored for each client based on factors like call volume, hours of operation, special services and more. We aim to maximize value, not just minimize cost. Our team analyzes ROI and provides month-to-month flexibility.

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HIPAA Compliance You Can Trust

Maintaining patient confidentiality is of utmost importance. We adhere to all HIPAA guidelines and employ the latest technologies to keep data secure. Our staff is trained on privacy protocols and regularly evaluated. You can trust us to handle patient information with the highest care and sensitivity.

Choosing the Right Partner

When selecting an answering service, key factors include experience, customization capabilities, multilingual staff, scalability to handle call volumes, HIPAA compliance and reliability. We encourage dental offices to request a customized quote with us. Contact us today to enhance your dental office communication and improve patient satisfaction. We provide the experience, customization and compliance you need.

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