Supplement Your Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Managing patient appointments is essential for healthcare providers and Strike Healthcare makes it effortless. Our 24/7 live scheduling support ensures your clinic operates seamlessly, delivering improved patient experiences. We integrate seamlessly with your EHR, streamlining workflows and allowing your staff to focus on patient care.

Services We Offer

Maximize Clinic Efficiency

Efficient Workflow Optimization

Strike Healthcare's live scheduling service maximizes clinic efficiency. Our virtual receptionists take on the time-consuming task of appointment scheduling, allowing your staff to concentrate on delivering top-notch patient care. This streamlined workflow ensures your practice operates smoothly and efficiently, providing an enhanced experience for both patients and staff.

Uninterrupted Patient Connection

24/7,365 Appointment Booking

Our commitment to patient access is unwavering. With our 24/7 scheduling services, your patients can connect with your clinic at any time, day or night, in both English and Spanish. This uninterrupted availability guarantees that you capture every appointment opportunity, providing convenience and accessibility to your patients.

Reduce Admin Overhead

Effective Lead Conversion

By leveraging Strike Healthcare's appointment-setting experts, you'll reduce administrative overhead while boosting your lead conversion rates. Our team specializes in converting promising leads into new business and bookings. This means you can increase your patient base without the unnecessary expenses of extensive marketing and sales efforts.

Keep Calendar Full

Comprehensive Calendar Management

Strike Healthcare helps you maintain a full calendar with proactive appointment rescheduling services. Missed or canceled appointments are a thing of the past as our team ensures your schedule remains robust. Plus, our outbound appointment setting reminders keep patients engaged and committed.

Real-Time Data Management

Seamless EHR Integration

We know the importance of real-time data management. Our seamless EHR integration ensures that your calendars are always up-to-date with accurate patient information and data. By connecting to your preferred industry EHR software, you can easily coordinate various schedules, enhance communication and track new and repeat bookings.

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Elevate your appointment scheduling with Strike Healthcare. Contact us today to experience the benefits of streamlined scheduling and improved patient engagement. Whether you prefer to call or schedule a consultation online, we're here to help. Your patients deserve the best and we're committed to delivering it.