Patient Intake Services

Streamline Medical Intake with Strike Healthcare

We've designed comprehensive patient intake services to supercharge your practice, save you valuable time, and create a seamless experience for your patients. Our live virtual receptionists are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences and efficiently managing the intake process. With our support, you'll have the extra workforce needed to streamline patient screening, scheduling and data collection.

Services We Offer

Enhance Efficiency / Service

Live Intake Specialists

Enhancing efficiency in your practice begins with our dedicated live intake specialists. We understand the importance of a smooth intake process. Our specialists are skilled in managing patient interactions from the initial call, ensuring a positive experience for every prospective patient. By entrusting this task to our experts, you free up your staff's valuable time, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional care.

Fast Response / Service

24/7/365 People-Powered Intake Service

Delivering a fast response is key to securing new patients. Our 24/7/365 people-powered intake service ensures that your practice is always accessible, even during weekends, holidays, or late nights. Patients can reach out in both English and Spanish, creating a more inclusive and accessible environment. With expert virtual receptionists trained in your intake workflow, you can count on quick and accurate intake service.

Optimized Experience / Service

Web Form Response

Optimizing the patient experience starts with our web form response service. If you're directing prospects or new patients to a web form on your website, we follow up with an outbound call within minutes. This proactive approach ensures that potential patients are efficiently guided into the intake process, providing them with a fully optimized experience. Not only does this improve conversion rates, but it also maximizes business efficiency.

Seamless Integration / Service

EHR Integration

Seamless integration is essential for maintaining an up-to-date patient database. With our EHR integration service, you can effortlessly connect to your chosen industry EHR software. This ensures that your sales pipeline is always current with accurate patient information and data. By syncing lead and patient data, such as medical history, you can easily fit Strike into your workflow, streamlining processes and improving overall efficiency.

Informed Decision Making / Service

Reporting & Analytics

Informed decision-making is powered by detailed reports and analytics provided by Strike Healthcare. Gain valuable insights into your intake process, improve customer service, track leads, and grow your revenue. Our real-time data, managed by Strike , enables you to make data-backed business decisions, update availability on the fly, and access critical data anytime, from anywhere.

Supplement Your Patient Intake Software With Strike Solutions

Ready to streamline your patient intake process and provide a superior experience for your patients? Contact Strike Healthcare today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can enhance your practice. Remember, Strike Healthcare answers calls within three rings and increases prospective patient conversion rates by more than 25%. We also provide exceptional SEO website support services to boost your online presence. Call us or schedule a consultation online.