After-Hours and Overflow Services

Keep Your Practice Running 24/7 With After-Hours Support

Your patients don't stop needing care outside regular office hours. With Strike Healthcare's after-hours and overflow services, your practice stays responsive and accessible round-the-clock.

Seamless After-Hours Call Handling

When your office doors close for the evening or weekend, rest assured, knowing your patients are still covered. Our team provides seamless after-hours phone support as if your staff were still onsite. Patients can call your regular office number and be instantly connected to our call center outside of working hours. Our receptionists answer with your practice's name, following custom scripts and protocols. This ensures consistency for patients calling after-hours.

Our After-Hours Support Services

Our after-hours services include:

Scalable Overflow Call Support

Patient call volumes can ebb and flow unpredictably. Our overflow call services flex with your changing needs. During busy times we become an extension of your front desk staff, ensuring no patient calls slip through the cracks. Our medical call center receptionists answer patient calls in real time when your internal resources are stretched thin. We adeptly handle the additional call traffic using your office protocols so each patient feels well cared for.

How does our overflow call service help medical professionals?

With flexible overflow assistance, you can devote your full focus to patients onsite while we capably manage inbound calls offsite. Our overflow call services allow you to:

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Strike Healthcare's after-hours and overflow call services keep your practice running smoothly 24/7. Reach out to learn more about extending your accessibility and care.