Adopting Modern Digital Marketing Strategies For Healthcare Providers 

The healthcare industry has lagged behind when it comes to adopting digital marketing strategies. But with more patients turning to online platforms for health information and provider searches, having a strong digital presence and marketing game plan is now imperative.  

This article will explore some of the most impactful digital marketing components healthcare providers should focus on to stay competitive and appeal to today’s internet-savvy healthcare consumers. 

Website Optimization for Healthcare Providers in the Digital Age 

A mobile-friendly and responsive website should be the foundation of your digital marketing efforts. With over 80% of patients using smartphones to find or interact with doctors, your site needs to be easily accessible and visually appealing across devices. [1] 

By optimizing site speed, navigation and mobile responsiveness, you remove friction from the user experience. This expands your reach to mobile users and helps your practice surface higher in local search results. 

Beyond foundational website optimization, providers should ensure their site content establishes thought leadership and credibility. Educational articles, blog posts and videos position your practice as an authority in your specialty. This content also serves SEO efforts by expanding your keyword footprint.   

Managing Online Reputation 

In the digital age, online reputation management is inextricably tied to capturing patient volume. Per a Medical Economics survey, 90% of patients read online physician reviews prior to choosing a provider. [1] With sites like Yelp and ZocDoc, you can no longer rely solely on in-office experiences to shape your reputation. 

By monitoring physician rating sites, social media and review sites, practices can proactively respond to feedback and guide their narrative. The goal should be showing prospective patients the quality care and positive experiences current patients have with your practice. This fosters trust in potential new patients browsing online. 

You can also encourage satisfied patients to leave online reviews through post-appointment surveys. This amplifies positive messaging about your practice across the web. 

Leveraging Social Media: The Marketing Game Plan for Healthcare Providers 

With social media adoption continuously rising, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn present huge opportunities for healthcare provider outreach. Through relevant social content and promoted posts, you can target local patient demographics and increase awareness of your practice and services. 

Valuable social content includes: 

  • Educational explainers and health tips 
  • Testimonials and patient stories  
  • Background on providers 
  • Updates on awards/recognitions   

The casual nature of social media also allows you to showcase your practice’s personality and connect with patients on a more personal level. This helps humanize your brand and build affinity. [2]

Capitalizing on Email Marketing 

While patients are online, don’t forget to collect email addresses to nurture leads and engage current patients. With segmented email lists, you can target relevant health content and promotions to specific demographics you want to reach. 

For example, send expectant mothers blogs about prenatal care and pediatric offerings. Or remind patients about annual wellness visits and the importance of screening exams. 

Email nurturing helps you stay top of mind while delivering valuable information to subscribers. Just be sure your messages provide value, not just sales pitches. 

The Payoff of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads  

Local PPC campaigns can steer nearby patients to your website. ads through Google, Bing and Facebook allow granular location, demographic and search term targeting.  

After a campaign launch, monitor performance metrics daily and optimize targeting for the best converting keywords and audiences. Refine ad copy and landing pages for relevance to further improve conversions. 

Adding PPC alongside SEO provides a balanced strategy for getting found locally online — both organically and through paid ads.   

Integrating Analytics for Data-Informed Decisions In Digital Marketing Efforts 

To measure digital marketing impact, properly integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and other tools to track site traffic sources, engagement metrics, online lead behavior and more. [3]

Analyze this data regularly to see which platforms, campaigns and content resonate most with your target patients. You can then adjust strategies and ad budgets accordingly to maximize ROI. 

The right analytics foundation provides the reporting you need to refine efforts and demonstrate marketing value. 

Key Takeaways on Modern Healthcare Marketing 

  • Optimize website for mobile responsiveness and speed 
  • Manage online reputation across rating sites and review platforms   
  • Produce quality health content for SEO and establishing credibility 
  • Leverage social media for brand building and patient engagement 
  • Enable digital appointment booking and patient communication 
  • Collect emails for segmented nurturing and promotion 
  • Run targeted local PPC campaigns   
  • Track analytics for data-driven optimization   

By realigning marketing plans with how patients make healthcare decisions today, providers can thrive digitally. If lacking the in-house expertise to manage digital campaigns, partnering with specialized healthcare marketing agencies can help get plans engineered and executed. 

Contact Strike Healthcare For Digital Marketing Efforts 

At Strike Healthcare, we understand the unique digital marketing needs of modern healthcare practices. Our services are designed to help providers master digital strategies to attract and retain more patients. 

From website design to SEO optimization, we can overhaul your online presence for today’s consumer. Our team creates specialized healthcare content to establish your authority and expertise. We also manage your online reputation across physician rating sites to showcase your quality of care. 

Additionally, Strike Healthcare integrates leading patient engagement software into your practice. This enables digital appointment scheduling, reminders, two-way patient messaging, and more. 

Now is the time to evaluate if your healthcare marketing strategies align with how patients make decisions today. Contact our team to discuss a digital refresh and start capturing more patients online. 


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